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How I Became The #1 Earner In My Network Marketing Company, Without Picking Up The Phone...

Dear Fellow Network Marketer,

I highly recommend that you stop what you're doing for the next few minutes, and pay attention, because I'm going to lay it all on the line right here, and tell you how I "got rich" in this industry - becoming the #1 residual income earner in my networking company, and making over $12,000,000 online in the last few years.

What's my secret...?

(Druuumm Rooollll please...)


Yep... Robots. (Stick with me and I'll explain...)

You see, there were two things I'd figured out during my first five, (unsuccessful), years in this industry...

1: I hated pitching my business to people, whether they were friends and family members, or leads I'd purchased. The whole process just made me sick.

2: In order to become "rich", I'd need to sell a LOT of stuff, to a LOT of people, and that was going to be difficult given the fact that I only had a few hours each night to build my business.

Hell, even if I LOVED to sell, I'd still run into that same brick wall because I can only talk to so many people in a day.

But the bottom line remained...

If I could "show the business" to 1,000 people per day, instead of 10 people per day, I was going to make more money, which meant there was only one solution...

I needed to clone myself. And yes... I eventually found a way to do it... :)

While everyone in the industry was business learning how to prospect on the phone, answer objections, get people to meetings, hand out CD's, or invite people to online presentations, I had my face buried in a few dusty old books I'd discovered that were teaching me a little-known skill called "copywriting".

No one in network marketing was talking about "copywriting", but that was just fine with me.

I KNEW deep down, that I'd found the solution to my problems...

Now if that's a term you're not familiar with, "copywriting" is a special skill that allows you to sell anything you want to people using the written word, (whether it's a letter, video script, email, or website), instead of over the phone, or in person.

If you're like me, you've probably watched a late-night informercial, or read a sales letter that compelled you to buy something. You're not sure how it happened, but all of the sudden, you have this buzz of desire takes over your body, and before you know it, you're whipping out your credit card...

Well that was intentional, and when you learn copywriting, you have the ability to create that desire in people at will. It's extrememly powerful, (but simple), stuff that has to do with human psychology.

So instead of pitching my business over the phone, I started using my new skill to write a salesletter that would sell my opportunity for me. It told the whole story, answered all of the most common objections, and created this crazy desire in people to join my business - automatically.

It worked. Big time.

I discovered that a sales letter is the most powerful "master prospector" you could ever hire. It will relentlessly go out and deliver your message perfectly. Every time. It will never call in sick. It will never complain. And it will never quit on you like that lame dude Bob you sponsored last month.

Simply put, a powerful sales letter is like having a little automatic, money-making downline robot working for you, and night..24 hours a days a week.


So I decided to take it to the next level by using my new copywriting skills to place online PPC and banner ads.

These little guys started doing all of my prospecting for me, sending massive waves of interested people from around the world to my sales letter day and night.

Now 1,000's of people were seeing my letter and hearing about my business every single day, and the sales started rolling in.

Eventually, I had to hire a full time assistant just to handle all of the phone calls and emails I was getting.

So while the average networker can do 10-20 presentations a day for their business, I can give 1,000 - 5,000 – 10,000 or more per day if I want, while working less.

Who’s going to win? Who’s going to build their business faster, and make more money? The person doing 10 presentations per day, or the person doing 1,000?

You can prospect people that you meet, or you can write an ad that prospects for you.

You can pound the phones all night, or you can write a letter that tells the story about your business and sells it for you.

You can chase people and make follow up calls until you turn blue, or you can write an email series that get’s people to eagerly call you back.

So that’s exactly what I did, and how I was able to go from waiting tables, to 7 figures in less than 18 months.

Since then, copywriting has allowed me to:

  • Become the #1 residual income earner in my primary opportunity.
  • Make over $12 million online, and up to $1.4 million in less than 7 days.
  • Personally sponsor 4 of the top 5 earners in my company.
  • Produce at least 500 leads for FREE, every single day.
  • Build the world's largest social network for home business owners.
  • Drive more traffic to even my "little" sites than most Fortune 500 companies.

So as you can see, this is THE "Million Dollar Skill."

In fact, from this moment on, forget everything you've heard about cold-calling, giving presentations, and coaxing your friends and family into attending hotel meetings.

If you want to make REAL money in ANY kind of home business...

... sponsor as many reps as you want...

... and make cash "on demand" almost any time you want...

... then all you need to do is learn how to write a simple letter, (or email), that persuades people to buy.

And here's the funny part:

No one in this industry really talks about this but me. (Yet I'm the guy making more money than anyone else.)

Instead, most people spend hours talking to one person at a time about their business on the telephone, while I just write a special letter that sells my business and my products for me, over and over again automatically.

It's truly beautiful:  Just write the letter once, and you're done.

Fact is, there's nothing more "duplicatable" than a sales letter.

Instead, it's like a little "sponsoring machine" that slips into your prospects' homes, crawls onto theirs desks and...

Gives The Perfect
"Sales Pitch"
Every Single Time.

This is the "big secret" of almost every 6 and 7-figure networker I know.

Instead of spending hours "dialing for dollars", doing grunt "manual labor" that steals time you could be spending with your friends and family... you just put a sales letter online (or email it to your prospects) and your "work" is done for the day.  You can watch TV, play with your kids, take your spouse for a romantic night on the town or do whatever you want.

Anyway, that's the good news.

The bad news is, only a few people really understand how to write a sales letter.

And... even fewer know how to teach it.

In fact, I remember spending more than $10,000 on copywriting courses before I finally "got" it. in fact, one single book alone cost me $5,000.00.

This wasn't fun, and it wasn't easy, but I didn't have a choice back then.

Thankfully, I've met a few very copywriters in this industry, and I've arranged an extremely valuable short-cut for you if you'd like to learn how to write compelling copy as well...

In 2006, two of the Internet's top copywriters teamed up for a series of closed-door tele-seminars for people who are new to copywriting, not getting the results they want, or simply don't know how to get started.

The purpose of these calls was to:

  1. Make copywriting easy and fast—especially for the average person who has never written a sales letter before, or who finds writing slow, painful and tedious. 
  2. Make copywriting and testing simple—with no steep "learning curves", long hours of practice, or complex math.
  3. Make copywriting effective—without using any screaming headlines or wild-haired claims that make customers' "B.S. alarms" sound off. 

The copywriting side of this historic event was taught by world-class copywriter David Garfinkel.

David is easily one of the top 10 copywriters on the planet.

His ads have earned hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients over the past 23 years... he is often called "The World's Greatest Copywriting Coach"... and he is legendary in the advertising world for...

Turning Broke Copywriting "Newbies" Into High-Paid Copywriting "Superstars"—Fast.

David Garfinkel

In fact, he has personally coached several of today's highest paid copywriters—including two of the first three copywriters ever to write sales letters that earned over $1 million in 24 hours. 

In addition to that...

... his marketing and copywriting secrets have been featured in prestigious business publications like The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fast Company, Home Office Computing and dozens of other newspapers, magazines and trade journals.

And his clients span 80 different industries—including IBM, United Airlines, Pacific Bell, Time-Life Books, MCI and the University of California (where his fund-raising letters nabbed the University millions of dollars)... as well as Internet marketers like Matt BacackJim Edwards, Jay Conrad Levinson and Joe Vitale.

The other co-creator of this unique copywriting system is Tim Erway who happens to be my long-time friend and business partner in Magnetic Sponsoring.

"The Internet's #1 Testing And Tracking Expert" 

Tim Erway

Back when he was for hire, people paid Tim outrageous fees due to his uncanny "knack" for teaching scientific testing methods to the "average Joe."

In fact, Tim's methods are always a big hit at seminars—and it is not uncommon for people to line up after his talks to tell him how grateful they are to finally "get" testing for the first time.

Anyway, here's the point:

David Garfinkel and Tim Erway are true masters of the craft. 

But, unlike most copywriting "gurus"... they are also true masters at teaching the craft to people with little or no copywriting experience.

“A TON Of New Information I Have Never Seen Anywhere Else”

I have studied many of the best copywriting courses in microscopic detail. After a while they start sounding the same, and it's hard to pull anything new from them. But I got a TON of new information I have never seen anywhere else from 'Copywriter's Guild.'

-Ben Settle
(Mike Dillard's
personal, "go-to" copywriter)

They call their unique copywriting training: "The Copywriter's Guild."

And besides the original attendees and a handful of people on our private customer list...

Almost Nobody Knows This Copywriting System Exists.

This is the most detailed, and thorugh copywriting systems I've ever seen.

If this is a skill you want to acquire, Copywriter's Guild is where you should start.

And because Tim is my business partner, we're going to hook you up big time...

In fact, you can use this system for an 30 days without any risk whatsoever.

I'll explain this "can't lose" deal in a minute, but first, here's just a peek of what you'll learn from the Copywriter's Guild system...

  • How to literally double your opt-ins and sales... by changing just one single word on your ads and squeeze pages. 
  • A sneaky (but perfectly legal) way to use your competitors' "thank you" pages to sell your products.
  • How to virtually eliminate price resistance for your products and services. (This secret is often used in multi-million dollar informercials... and is perfect for selling high ticket products.)
  • A simple, 1-second "tweak" proven to increase AdWords conversions almost 100% of the time.
  • The fastest and easiest known way to eliminate "writer's block."
  • Surprise finding: Why the title bar on your sales and squeeze pages could be destroying your profits. (This common mistake creates instant suspicion in everything you say and turns customers off. If you have this in your title bars, make sure you remove it as soon as possible!)
  • What you MUST know before writing an ad to other business people or entrepreneurs. (This is the main reason why even highly persuasive business-to-business ads often fail miserably.)
  • A quick "adjustment" you can make to your offer copy RIGHT NOW that is shown to increase sales by as much as 200% (or more.)
  • What a "swipe file" is... and how to use it to immediately cut your copywriting time in half. 
  • How to actually profit from Google's "anti-squeeze page" rules. (Only a small handful of marketers know about this. And they almost never share it with even their closest friends.)

The Information On Squeeze Pages Was Most Helpful

There were many tips on not only what to say but even how to present the copy for optimal readership. The information on squeeze pages was most helpful and anyone who wants to pull traffic to their site should read and heed the information.


And speaking of squeeze pages...

Did you know entire million-dollar businesses have been built on a single squeeze page?

It's absolutely true. My Magnetic Sponsoring business was built on a single squeeze page.

And Copywriter's Guild co-creator Tim Erway has studied thousands of high-converting squeeze pages... overseen hundreds of split tests... and made his first million dollars online mostly by making small squeeze page changes.

Some of the squeeze page secrets in The Copywriter's Guild include: 

A "fool proof" way of protecting your squeeze pages from the next "Google Slap"... A simple way to write squeeze pages that appeal to both organic AND pay-per-click traffic... Which squeeze page order buttons produce the highest conversions... Exactly where to put your opt-in boxes for best results... Most effective squeeze page colors... Best free squeeze page tracking software...


  • A secret way of using your spam policy link to as much as triple your opt-ins. (This tactic is kind of strange, but tests show it works for almost any product, market or industry.) 
  • A little-talked about game (successful copywriters play each day) that can increase your conversions and sales almost every time you play it. (This game is even more fun than Robert Kiyosaki's "CashFlow"... and 10 times more profitable. Here's where to find this game, and start making money with it.)
  • “Secrets Even The Masters I Worked With Never Taught Me”

    I was amazed to learn secrets and tips for SEO (search engine optimization) that even the masters I have worked with never taught me. And I was able to increase my Google ad conversion rate by 2% by implementing just the first of the small tips they suggested. As I continue split testing and implementing some of the other tips I learned in the training courses my results will rocket.

    -Shawn Rhoades

  • How McDonalds "accidentally" increased their sales by 80%... and how to use this incredible secret in ALL of your online sales letters.
  • Microsoft Word's secret "shortcut" copywriting tool: Guaranteed to add a whole new layer of selling power to your ads... while shaving hours off your writing time. 
  • Why the best way to write copy... is with your mouth. (This bizarre secret works much faster than using your keyboard or ball-point pen. And, if you do it David and Tim's way, makes your ads a lot more persuasive, too.)
  • 10 "magic bullet" words tested and proven to increase sales in almost every ad they are used in.
  • An extremely powerful secret (rich Hollywood screenwriters use to sell their scripts) that makes your affiliate email pitches far more profitable and easier to write.
  • A single, "almost magic" word (often used in advanced corporate sales trainings) that keeps people reading your ads top to bottom... even if they hate reading "long copy." 
  • How to "arrange" it so people ALWAYS open and read your email pitches... even if you use a lame subject line!
  • A quickie "newbie's guide" to testing and tracking your sales letters, emails and other Internet ads.

Will Save You Thousands Of Dollars...And Countless Hours Of Wasted Time”

"Copywriter's Guild" is simple to understand yet packed with information that could only come from a master wordsmith with years of successful copywriting experience and a true understanding of what motivates people to action. It will save anyone thousands of dollars in ineffective ads and countless hours of wasted time.

-Jim Hunt
Waterworld Tours

Let's be honest.

Testing is almost like a foreign language to most people. 

Yet, there is no easier way than testing to "shortcut" your success without having to increase your traffic or spend any extra money. 

And in The Copywriter's Guild, Tim reveals a unique way of testing your ads that is so simple... even an 8th grader can do it. 

He also reveals...

How to instantly banish your fear of testing... The best FREE testing software if you're just starting out... How to track offline orders on the Internet... The biggest "sales-killing" mistake even experienced testers make... Why cheap and simple "A/B split" tests are often more profitable than expensive and complex "multi-variate" tests... and much, much more.

Bottom line: Tim Erway literally makes testing "cut-and-paste" easy. 

And with his methods, you can have your first profitable test running in just minutes—with no complicated software to buy or exhausting math to figure out.

You'll also learn...

  • How to bump your pay-per-click conversions by 30%... without changing a single word in your ads.
  • Can using a neon pink background really increase conversions? (The "experts" will say no. But try doing this and you may be surprised...)
  • “500% Increase In Traffic...”

    The secrets contained within this course have allowed me to increase traffic to my sales page from just 15 people in my first month to 99 people in the second month. That is a more than 500% increase. And the only thing I changed was the wording of my headlines using David Garfinkel's "magic words."

    -Dale Jackson
    North Queensland, Australia

  • A brand new way (recently discovered by social scientists) for selling to women on the Internet. (This breaking news is "must know" information if you sell to women in any way, shape or form.)
  • A quick "adjustment" you can make to your squeeze page borders... almost guaranteed to boost your conversions (sometimes significantly) every time.
  • Web page design secrets scientifically proven to increase website sales and conversions.
  • Most profitable places to put pictures and images on your sales pages. (And where NOT to put them.)
  • A sneaky (but 100% ethical and legal) way to get people to buy your product... even if they don't really want it. (This off-the-wall secret is so powerful, it works even if the rest of your copy is barely readable!)
  • The one word you must NEVER put on your squeeze page "submit" buttons. (Doing so can drop your conversions by as much as 50%!)
  • The 7 most common "clumsy" auto-responder mistakes even the experts make.

“Best Part Was The Auto-Responder Training...”

The best part of this series was the auto-responders training. I didn't want to make all the blunders and mistakes that I so often read in other people's auto-responder messages. And the easy to understand format and video portion was very helpful.

-Esther Hastings, EA

And by the way...

The Copywriter's Guild contains dozens of simple auto-responder tips rigorously tested, tracked and proven to work in the Internet's most competitive markets.

For example: 

How to "slip" your HTML emails past even the most sensitive spam filters... What to put next to your hyper-links for immediately higher click-thrus... A little-known way of using your telephone to super-charge the selling power of your auto-responder emails... How to use auto-responders to increase sales of your offline postcards, space ads and classified ads... How to write your auto-responder messages almost on "auto-pilot"... The exact best email text width... and even...

A Secret Way Of Using Ordinary Periods
To Make Your Emails Almost Instantly More Profitable.

Seriously... This trick works like a charm, and I use it daily.

But we're not done yet...

Here are even more secrets you'll learn in this "speed copywriting" system:

  • The #1 sales-robbing mistake people make when selling to the affluent and "well-educated" online. 
  • What NEVER to put at the top of your email newsletters. 
  • “Keep Picking Up More And More Skills...”

    This course is one of the most valuable I have ever seen. It covers everything from speed copy to squeeze pages, auto responders and sales letters, right through testing and tracking and much, much more. I really love how the course is laid out, the tutorials are excellent and I keeping picking up more and more skills as I go through the lessons.

    -Jason Rosselli

  • Right (and wrong) ways to use your prospect's name in your email messages.
  • The 3 "deadly sins" of copywriting that will tank your response in a heartbeat. (The first sin is "never be boring." The second sin is "never sound weak." The third sin is even more common—and even many professional copywriters do it without realizing it.)
  • Why you should never send traffic from your videos or tele-seminars to a long copy sales letter... and where you should send them instead. (This one tip alone can as much as triple your sales!)
  • How to bump your squeeze page response in "hyped-up" markets full of skeptical customers. 
  • The best way ever invented to find out what your customers already want you to sell to them. (Just follow these simple steps and you'll never wonder about what to sell to your list ever again.)
  • A secret way of writing your sales letter headlines (straight from the billion-dollar newspaper business) that is so easy...

Almost Anyone Can Use It To Crank
Out World-Class Headlines In Just Minutes.

As you know, newspapers literally live and die by their headlines. If nobody reads their headlines, nobody buys their newspapers. 

“Already Used It To Write 30 Excellent Emails”

The best part of this series was the auto-responders training. I didn't want to make all the blunders and mistakes that I so often read in other people's auto-responder messages. And the easy to understand format and video portion was very helpful.

-Esther Hastings, EA

And one thing that makes David Garfinkel stick out like a sore thumb in the copywriting business... is the years he spent writing headlines in the newspaper business. 

In fact, when you learn the "The Garfinkel Way" of headline writing, you can crank out persuasive headlines for your sales letters, emails, squeeze pages and pay-per-click ads without batting an eye. 

Some of the headline secrets David teaches in The Copywriter's Guild include:

Why boring headlines sometimes work better than exciting headlines... Why using curiosity in your headlines often depresses response... How Agora Publishing (one of the world's top direct mail companies) writes their headlines... How to write headlines for cold leads... The exact number of words to use in your headlines for best response... and more. 

And that's still not all. Here are even more secrets you'll discover:

  • How to use your privacy policy to double (even triple) your squeeze page conversion rates.
  • “Laid Out In An Organized, Step-By-Step Format That Is Easy To Follow”

    I like the fact that the course is laid out in an organized, step by step format that is easy to follow, pause and review as many times as I feel necessary. What I found most valuable is how to write capture pages and autoresponders and optimize their effectiveness. Anyone seriously considering marketing their business online would benefit greatly from this course.

    -George Bato

  • A secret place in your sales letters (almost nobody else thinks of) to put your testimonials... that is almost guaranteed to dramatically increase your response and sales.
  • How to write powerful bullet points that put your customers in a "buying panic"—so they literally cannot sleep until they buy. 
  • When generous, "can't refuse" offers can hurt your sales. (And how to protect yourself from this mysterious customer "buying quirk.")
  • The $2 billion secret behind the single "most mailed" sales letter in history. (You almost never see this used anymore... especially online.)
  • 5 super-fast (and super-easy) ways to optimize your blog to get tons of new visitors, subscriptions and sales.
  • How to quickly and easily set up your first profitable tele-seminar.
  • How to write ads that sell to both readers and skimmers. (Tests show if you aren't writing for both kinds of readers, you are losing as much as 50% of your sales!)
  • The "non-geek's" guide to using audio to quickly multiply your sales letter response rates.

“Made Me Have This Feeling That Copywriting Is Possible”

At first I wondered whether I can hack copywriting. But the first time I listened to the audios it made me have this feeling that it is possible. I also liked the fact that it is online and I can access it almost immediately.

-Moses Mbugua

Fact is... correctly using audio can increase your sales by 400% or more.

And in The Copywriter's Guild, David and Tim have a professional broadcaster explain how even "techno-phobes" can easily start using audio on their websites.

Some of these advanced website audio secrets include:

How to present your audio messages for maximum sales... Best "user-friendly" audio software... How to "disguise" your advertising with mock radio talk shows (and nab FAR more response as a result)... How to use background music to instantly increase your response... Where to get "royalty-free" music on the Internet... And more.


David Garfinkel also gives you a simple, word-for-word audio script that has been used to sell everything from cheap eBooks... to mega-expensive boats.

Here are some more of the little-known secrets you'll find:

  • David Garfinkel's 11-step formula for writing ads in a fraction of the time it takes you now.
  • “Valuable Life Changing Ideas”

    What I love the most about Copywriters Guild is the "little" tips Tim and David scatter around that are highly valuable life changing ideas.

    -Lydia Paz

  • The best way to get even your most "sales resistant" leads to anxiously give you their names and emails on your squeeze pages.
  • 3 so-called "boring" words (most people never think to use) proven to bump response of sales letter headlines, pay-per-click ads and even article titles.
  • 9 simple ways to use "NLP" to increase the response of ALL your ads.
  • Why copywriters who make millions of dollars per year almost NEVER use hype in their ads. (And the more persuasive technique they use, instead.)
  • How to "trick" your competition into writing most of your ads for you... and without them even realizing it. (This "back door" copywriting secret works so well it's almost spooky.)
  • A "dignified" way to use envy, jealousy and greed in your copy. (This is the big secret of some of today's highest-paid copywriters. However, if you use these emotions wrong... your customers will blacklist you forever. Here's how to do it right—and in a way your customers will love.)
  • 6 "overnight" online lead generation methods for marketers in a hurry
  • The fastest known way to use ezine articles to drive hundreds—even thousands—of new leads to your websites each day.
  • How to make outrageous claims and offers without getting in legal "hot water." (If you use big claims, make sure you do this, too.)

There's more. A LOT more. Including: 

How to make even boring and "un-sexy" products seem exciting and fun... When mentioning your credentials can actually hurt your sales... How to use bold money-back guarantees without getting "choked" by refunds... and even...

How To Create Your Own Money-Making
Internet Videos In 10 Minutes Or Less.

No fancy video equipment or expensive software necessary. 

Just follow David's and Tim's instructions, and you can use video to beef up your profits and conversions—even if you've never picked up a camera in your life.

Anyway, here's the bottom line:

What you've just read is a small sample of what's in The Copywriter's Guild. 

“Not As Overwhelming As Other Copywriting Training”

What I like best is that it is easy to understand not as over whelming as a lot of other training on copywriting. I feel comfortable about copywriting now, even though I have never done it before.

-Mel Banfield

This 100%, "user-friendly" copywriting system walks you through every step of writing powerful, blockbuster ads that sell your products and services on autopilot.

There is no tedious studying required. 

No long hours of practice needed. 

And no slathering your ads with hypey sales techniques and "choke holds" that insult your customers' intelligence. 

Plus, since it is "interactive" (video, audio and text), it's designed for quick and easy learning. 

How much does it cost? 

Tim and I are going to hook you up, you can get instant access to the Copywriter's Guild for only $197, AND a 2nd extrememly RARE copywriting course called "Recruit With Words" that I personally held last year with my good friend, and master copywriter, Ben... (more details below). 

And since it's digitally delivered online, there is no shipping fees or waiting. 

In fact, you can be listening to the calls and watching the videos in the next 3 minutes.

But really... the price doesn't matter, anyway.

Because if at any time within 12 MONTHS of going through this course you spend even one second struggling with writing copy... If you don't start knocking out ALL your ads in half the time and get immediately higher conversions and sales... If you don't honestly think it's worth at least 50 times your investment...

“Worth Many Times The Price”

I loved the whole Copywriters Guild course. I find little nuggets and gems everywhere that can be put to immediate use and I refer to it constantly. The sales secrets and lessons are worth many times the price.

-Liz Rooney
Infopreneur & Network Marketing Consultant
Melbourne, Australia

... I will quickly refund all your money...

And You Can Keep The Entire System Just For Your Trouble!

That means you have ZERO risk.

PLUS... I want to make this even more painless and easy for you. 

So if you order right now, I will also include this extremely valuable bonus—also yours to keep, even if you ask for a refund:



  Interview With My Personal Copywriter

Last year, I held an AWESOME copywriting call series with my personal copywriter, Ben Settle. Ben is one of the single best copywriters I've ever seen, and during these calls we gave away some of the most incredible copywriting secrets we know including:

  • A secret way of making money when sending email pitches... even if nobody buys from you.
  • 11 ways to write auto-responder messages that drive in sales and leads.
  • How to write ads that SELL without using hype, lies or gimmicks.
  • The "big secret" to writing profitable Google ads without struggle, frustration or pain.
  • How to use your swipe file without breaking the law.
  • How to get tens of thousands of dollars worth of free "advertising" for little or no money.
  • And a whole lot more

The price of this call series alone was $97.00 but you can get it at no additional cost with The Copywriter's Guild today:



“Would Have Paid 5 Times The Price For The First Three Modules Alone”

I would have paid 5 times the price for the information in the first three modules alone.  The real gem of this course is the module on autoresponders which teaches you all the "do's" and, more importantly, the "don'ts" of writing a killer autoresponder series.

-David Bell

Remember... you get to use everything for 30 days without ANY risk.

During that time this system MUST be worth at least 50 times your investment or you get your money back AND you keep everything just for your trouble.

This means ALL the pressure is on me... and...

There Is Simply No Way You Can Lose!

But this offer will not last much longer.

So don't put this letter off or file it away to "think it over."

There's nothing to think about anyway.

It's either everything I say in this letter (and more)... or I'll send you a 100% refund. 

To grab The Copywriter's Guild without risk, simply click the button below...

In less than 5 minutes, you can have complete access to The Copywriter's Guild and my personal "Recruit With Words" course, for only $244.00...
$197 $147
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To Your Success,

Mike Dillard

P.S. A special BONUS: 
When you place your order today, I'll throw in another valuable bonus—also yours to keep, no matter what:

It's an in-depth interview with 7-figure copywriter Ken McCarthy.

Ken literally gets "fan mail" about his ads from Gary Bencivenga (universally called "the greatest living copywriter") and Marty Edelston (founder of one of the world’s biggest direct mail companies).

World-class marketer Dan Kennedy has been using samples of Ken’s work for years in his teachings and seminars—including in his best-selling book, "The Ultimate Sales Letter."

And when Agora Publishing needed someone to teach the first (and most important) lesson of their advanced copywriting course… the first two people they called were the legendary Jay Abraham… and Ken McCarthy.

Some of the advanced copywriting secrets discussed in this interview include:

  • How to write money-making ads right out the gate—without needing any copywriting books, formulas or swipe files.
  • A scientifically proven way (recently discovered by neurologists) to transform your frustration with writing ads into boundless creative energy.
  • A $13 book (not even about copywriting) that can teach you more about writing irresistible bullet points than most advanced copywriting seminars.
  • Why tossing your order forms on the street can increase your response by as much as 30%.
  • How to use your telephone to double your sales without doing any tele-marketing or even dialing any numbers.
  • An “almost fool proof” way of knowing if the market is going to respond to your ads before testing it or showing it to anyone.
  • What Ken learned from corresponding with the late (great) copywriting genius Eugene Schwartz.
  • How to create professional looking Internet video ads on a “shoestring” budget.
  • A single, “magic word” (often used with CNN newscasts) that will have your prospects glued to your ads—even with a hundred other ads competing for their attention.
  • A secret way to use your TV set to raise your IQ by 10 points. (And without even turning it on!)
  • How the legendary copywriter Mel Martin wrote ads so powerful people would order from them without even knowing what the price was.

These two bonuses and the 33% discount may not be available for long.

In fact, in the very near future we intend to sell the "Recruit With Words" course separately for $97, at which time we'll be removing it as a bonus here. So be quick...



“This is a great program, I just bought it and I'm really excited about getting through it all. I bought the program so I could start creating magnetic capture pages and emails. I've realized that the written word is a very powerful tool, especially in our digital world. Anyone who wants leverage in their business needs to buy this course!!”

-Tim Roberts

“A 'College Course' In Copywriting”

“I bought the Copywriter's Guild because I needed a "college course" in copywriting. What I liked best were the precise details to thrust your copywriting skills into a professional, methodical way.”

-Dianne Humphries

“Life Changing Experience”

“Copywriters Guild is a gold mine and a life changing experience for me. Listening to them pick apart copy and then give 4 or 5 secret pieces, gave me renewed hope and I realized follow one step at a time and I can't fail.”

-Kimberly Fouts

Remember, you can use The Copywriter's Guild for 12-months completely at my risk. If it isn't everything described in this letter (and more), we'll send you a quick, "no hassle" refund... and you can keep everything just for your trouble. 

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